About us

This streetwear brand was founded on the idea that to receive love, you must first know how to

give it. That is why when you shop with us, you can feel the love and care we have for our

customers in every item that you purchase. Utandra was created to help bridge the gap

between where you are in life and where you long to be.

The “U” in Utandra represents self; you are strong, resilient, and open to growth and change.

“Tandra” is a play on the word tantra, a spiritual practice that embodies the idea that the mind

and body are one whole entity. Utandra symbolizes falling in love with yourself and the world

around you.

Our team is dedicated to helping you live a positive, healthy life. Wellness starts from within,

and our hope is that we might inspire you to love every bit of yourself, even on your worse days.

Your happiness is ultimately in your own hands, but we seek to help you along the way.

Utandra is well-known for its handpicked, sentimental pieces, but we are also a tight-knit

community of individuals that want to support one another. The journey to self-love and healing

is not always an easy one, but we can achieve our goals of contentment, joy, and improved

quality of life if we work together.

With products that carry powerful statements, kind reminders, and encouragement, you will

never forget just how important and valued you are. Our welcoming and collaborative

community invite you with open arms to experience a new way of life.

When you shop with Utandra, you will feel great knowing that you are not only showing yourself

a little bit of love with every article of clothing and accessory you choose but also helping a

cause that encourages others and fosters love, wellness, and personal growth.